All Dimensions are in fact A MIRROR of our conscious self. By developing our conscious self, we gradually ascend to higher levels and dimensions of our existence. Our consciousness is made of our Spirit created by God. As we already know, the Spirit is a spark - God‘s breath endowed with incredible abilities.

This Spirit is omniscient, omnipotent and free as God Creator Himself. In order to express itself, the Spirit needs the matter - human body. Therefore the Spirit as an independent energy /entity/ immerses to the darkness - the matter through its own energy - the Soul, in order to discover its power, with which it was endowed and created by God, based on its own experience.


Through various experience gained throughout its many births, the Spirit gradually emerges out of darkness, while it recognises its divine substance more and more. At the stage, we may attribute the respective “Dimension” to the degree of development of the conscious self.

If the human Soul and for this reason also the human Spirit still remains deeply immersed in the darkness and unawareness, it goes through low vibration levels in lives of the /1st Dimension/ during the initial incarnations. Here, the Spirit discovers the inorganic, non-living form of existence. Once the Spirit has lived several hundred thousand incarnations and perfectly comprehended this level, it continues in its development of conscious self and longs to know higher forms of existence in the 2nd Dimension.

2nd Dimension

The Spirit takes over human appearance of higher consciousness in the 2nd Dimension. It gradually familiarizes with and avails itself of God-given abilities and uses the Soul energy in the physical body to realize its Spirit.

This way the Spirit created by God goes through various experience after thousands and thousands of lives, with the sole purpose of the Creator - to make the Spirit find, see, sense, accept and perform the unconditional and all-embracing love within itself, as it is made out of them, then the Spirit may contribute to the extended creation of other realities filled with love and joy from the pure loving existence without any negative energies such as fear and terror.

Each time the Spirit enters the matter during the incarnation it sinks into darkness and strives to recognize itself as God. After living each life, the living energy of the Spirit - the Soul - connects with it, the Spirit then evaluates the results of its effort and the understanding of the Divine Plan.




And then in the 3rd Dimension, a person shall see in his/her living energy - the Soul in the matter / human body / - the REFLECTION of his/her behaviour. The person shall more accurately understand his/her Divine substance, force and power, the person has. The person shall see and understand that every thought and lived experience is REFLECTED in this person‘s life. He or she shall understand that his or her present life is nothing but a mirror of desires, emotions and ideas.

A person creates his/her life, reality - which is mere demonstration of the Spirit, as if God created realities - with these energies.

However, a person cannot recognize this truth in the 3rd Dimensions, because there is still a slow vibration, which creates a time slot between the emitted idea and its embodiment, realization. For this reason, a person cannot connect the materialized reality with his/her previous thoughts, lived experience and acts after such long time passed. The person does not know, that it was simply the materialization of the phenomena emitted by his/her mind for himself/herself or this others to the ether two or three months ago.

The embodiment of such emitted negative thoughts and desires then disrupts the relationships, creates conflicts, illnesses, injuries and the abandonment of the life. This makes us conclude that the 3rd Dimension vibrates at the level of fear.

Unaware people tended to put such phenomena to their tough fate without perceiving the relation between the emitted energy and the energy received back.


4th Dimension is a transition state, which will gradually let us in the 5th Dimension. It concerns the understanding of the fact that “we create what we think.” By understanding the reflecting law applicable to our thoughts, we are able to assume full responsibility for what we think and how we think of it and experience it and accept the fact, that only we are liable for the worse situation of our lives.

If we start to realize that there is a thought or status in the Universe, which we may whenever and however change, we also understand the unrestricted force and power of CREATION, which is the basic goal of each Spirit created by God. This means that the 4th Dimension is the transition dimension on the way to the 5th Dimension, where the time loop (slot) shortens and we may witness how our thoughts materialize.

Each day, the vibration of the Planet Earth accelerates and we may witness quicker mirroring of ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings and dreams suddenly become true sooner and we almost feel as if in a fairy tale.  At this moment we already understand the essence of the mirroring of our attitudes and we alienate from uncultivated, dissatisfied and angry mind because of the deep respect and responsibility to ourselves, our Soul - Spirit. This 4th Dimension may be classified as the vibration of gratitude, where we feel free and relieved, that we do not have to serve to a purpose we do not want to, instead, we may create what we wish, as long as we fully comply with and never breach God‘s Law.



So far, this dimension has been one of the highest levels offered by the Universe as the ascension to a contemporary human being. Here, energies vibrate at a pace, which absolutely erased any borders between yesterday, today and tomorrow. All our thoughts are immediately executed or materialized. For this reason, any being still controlled by fear or malice cannot enter this Dimension. Its negative thoughts would immediately materialize in strengthened form and such person with uncultivated mind could not stand it.

A being, which has not mastered the all-embracing love to itself, the others and the entire divine creation, shall remain in the 3es Dimension, until it learns to live and vibrate at the frequencies of love, joy, freedom, gratitude, compassion and until it understands and believes in its divine substance.

On 21.12.1012, the period of time for the long way of people to the understanding what God expects from us elapsed. The Universe reminds us every day of the fact through high frequencies of love, which largely change the whole Planet, the fall of the systems means that a new one shall come to replace it.

It is just about the time to individually change our way of thinking and get to the 5th Dimension - the level of existence we desired for eons of lives.

With regards to the foregoing we undoubtedly need to fulfil the God‘s Law - namely the Ten Commandments, which are in fact universally applicable laws of the universe - without reservations by reading and accepting the most influential vibrations on this planet.

If people had cleaned his or her spiritual channel (see The Basic Pillar at this webpage - How do I work? Part 1, 2, 3) before they enter the 5D, they could largely profit from the use of their “divine” abilities right after entering 5D, such as the ability to dematerialize the matter, telepathic communication, teleportation and life for centuries, etc. If the spiritual channel is not purified, people will have to learn from the beginning and again erase the karmic errors in many incarnations.












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